The World


Paradon: This is the kingdom where you are.  Its capitol is Farglad.  It’s king is named Himo.  It’s mostly human, but there are elves, gnomes, and halflings as well. Dwarves and half-orcs are rare.  The national religion is the worship of the lawful good goddess Calydo, though the other lawful gods in her pantheon are honored as well. Worship of chaotic deities is outlawed (though Brega gets a reluctant pass).

Willowdale: A small rural halfling village that was destroyed by a band of sadistic U.O. mercenaries under Brunus Tostyn.

Smidge: A human village not far from Willowdale. Its mayor is named Goblicus, for some reason.  They have been paying a band of Underworld Overseers to protect them from orcs. Turns out the orcs are illusions and the band is secretly working for a wizard nobleman named Trimphid Chrygora.

The Underworld: A vast network of tunnels and caverns all over the world where monsters breed and do their monstrousness. Dwarves come from there, too.

Sibril: This is the island nation to the north of Paradon. A dragon has usurped the throne. The relationship between the two countries is civil but tense.  You’ve seen a wanted poster for a Sibrillian elf bard named Oriflurran (crimes unknown).

Razulanta is a far off, exotic land.   It’s thought the folk there worship insects, a taboo practice here.


Underworld Overseers (U.O.): A special military force with a contract from the Crown that guards over underworld entrances to protect local villagers (for a nominal fee, of course.).

Druids: a group of wild, anarchist cultists out in the wilderness that many people fear and don’t understand.

The Purity, or the Pure: In service to the King and Calydo, this paladin order acts as the Law in Paradon.  Most Paradonian humans know their names like celebrities, and the most fervent devotees are nicknamed the Pure-eyed. There’s even a whole order of bards called the Swains that hire rogues to spy and report back on everything these paladins do so they can compose the most accurate ballads. They employ magical kestrel birds for communication.