The Suspects

Name: Azitain
Class: Wizard, Professor at Raismonts
Description: Bald, tattooed face, stern and humorless. Has a mental link with Pedocles to communicate for him when necessary, which isn’t often.
Interest in the tomb: Leader of the expedition.  An archaeologist and expert on the barbarians’ history, he’s pursuing the mystery of why the nomads built the necropolis.
Oddity: He doesn’t speak (except for when needed for spells) because of some kind of curse.

Name: Pedocles “Duck” Madar
Class: Wizard, student scholar at Raismonts
Description: Pale skinned and prefers dark clothing. Might be a half-elf.  Cautious. Moody and morose; he has a withered un-healable arm that he keeps strapped to his chest.
Interest in the tomb: Curious about the unique burial customs of the Nodkunians.
Oddity: He seems to show an unhealthy interest in necromancy and the undead.

Name: Ereleuva Stanga
Class: Wizard, student scholar at Raismonts
Description: Upbeat and outgoing, makes friends easily. From a wealthy noble family. Working on enchantment as her specialty at Raismonts.
Interest in the tomb: Fascinated with Nomobobo Bloodboat herself, how she was able to command her people with a cult of personality, wants to write a book about the barbarian queen’s heroic exploits.
Oddity: None, really; she’s pretty straightforward.

Name: Naro Viora
Class: Wizard, student scholar at Raismonts
Description: Eccentric, aloof.
Interest in the tomb: Wants to study its unique engineering and traps. Unconcerned with the barbarians’ history or customs.
Oddity: Her raven familiar Niella seems glued to her shoulder and looks like it’s silently judging everyone. You’ve never seen it fly off.

Name: Gylaw Bartels
Class: Cleric of Brega
Description: Flashy, friendly, worldly. Acting as guide for the expedition across the Plains; hired by Azitain, but recommended by Ereleuva.
Interest in the tomb: None, as near as you can tell.
Oddity: His Bregan prayers are a little rote, doesn’t display much enthusiasm for his religion.